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Collateral Loans with Niles Loan & Diamond Brokers

Top Destination for Collateral Loans

Sometimes, it takes a quick flush of money to regain your financial footing or even take an overdue vacation.    It's fast, simple and can give you the immediate cash you need. We offer high dollar discreet collateral loans on related items such as diamonds, fine jewelry, gold jewelry, luxury watches, precious coins, etc. Obtain a loan quickly and regardless of your credit standing. We offer quick and confidential loans as well as a flexible repayment terms and exemplary customer service.

We realize that your personal or family belongings are important to you, which makes it sometimes hard to think about selling them for quick cash when you're in a financial bind. Often times, the high cash value items you have are also the same items that carry strong sentimental value so they are difficult to part with. In these instances, we offer the ideal solution to your needs by making collateral loans available, which will solve your cash problem while allowing you to keep your precious items safe until you are able to pay back your loan amount. Our collateral loans offer an option instead of selling your valuables.

 Here are some good reasons to consider our jewelry loans:

 * Get cash in your pocket without selling items with sentimental value.
 * Trustworthy item appraisals performed by certified and experienced professionals.
 * 100 percent secure transactions and secure storage/handling of valuables.
 * Loans with no credit checks, no employment or income verification and no credit agency reports.
 * Friendly and professional staff with years of experience.

How to Get a Collateral Loan

Our loan process is fast, easy and discreet. Simply bring in your items as collateral and secure a loan. We always have funds ready for you. If you are certain that a collateral loan meets your needs but you're not sure of the value of your item you’re considering to loan against, bring in the item and have one of our professional staff carefully assess your collateral and inform you of your loan options. We will then secure your item in safe storage until loan payment has been completed and you return to pick up your valuables.

Keeping Your Assets Secure is Our Top Concern

With Niles Loan & Diamond Brokers, you can be assured your item is safe from the time it leaves your possession until you have it back once you've repaid your loan. Throughout the period of the loan, your jewelry will be fully insured through Jewelers Mutual Insurance. As your valuable items are stored in our facility, it is surely in a much safer place than your home safe or the average pawn shop. We do understand the concern that naturally accompanies leaving a valuable item in the care of someone else so we'd like to assure you that we are doing our best to keep your valuables safe and secure at all times until you redeem them.

High Value and Easy Collateral Loan Terms

At Niles Loan & Diamond Brokers, we give you the highest cash amount possible.  We will give you the most value for any high dollar item that you wish to loan against. Take advantage of getting the maximum value of your jewelry when you choose our collateral loans.  In fact, we have a wide range of  individual clients, families, professionals and small businesses who have all benefited from our collateral loans.

Our loans are designed to make repayment easy so clients don't struggle with their finances. We don't want your quality of life to suffer ,so we've kept the terms and conditions of our collateral loans simple and reasonable.

Helping Customers Every Way We Can

Dealing with financial problems? Do you need cash right now? Whatever may be the reason-  unexpected bills, medical expenses, or maybe you just want extra cash to go on the overdue vacation- Niles Loan & Diamond Brokers is here to assist you during your time of need.  Our professional team of loan specialists will be happy to advise you on our collateral loans and accommodate your needs today.

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